Lotus Urli

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Our show stopping Lotus Urli is the ultimate home addition for the modern South Asian home. This is a timeless piece that can be passed down from generation to generation and will always remain an integral part of South Asian culture.

The Urli is a traditional vessel that has been used as a decorative piece in South Asian households for centuries. The Urli has spiritual significance in Hinduism as it is used to offer water to deities during prayer. It has also been considered a symbol of prosperity, as it is often filled with coins, grains, or flowers. More practically, the fragrant flowers in the Urli help fill the home with a fresh aroma and create an atmosphere of serenity.

Handmade in Agra, the birthplace of the Taj Mahal, from pure Rajasthani Marble by skilled generational artisans. 


We have 3 variants 1) 10 inch Width X 2.75 inch Height 2) 12 inch Width X 3.75 inch Height 4) 14 inch Width x 4 inch Height

NOTE: These are not stackable within one another. If you wish to order a larger size, please contact us here with your specifications. 



Wipe clean with damp cloth. Let air dry.