Khushi Rawat is an emerging artist from New Delhi. Her work explores the complexities of inner turmoil and the journey through the deafening landscapes of the human psyche. Rawat's pieces create a visual narrative of the inner struggles we all face, serving as a mirror to the complexities of our minds and hearts.

"Through my art, I seek to unravel the intricate layers of emotion, thoughts, and experiences that converge within us, often in chaotic harmony. Each brushstroke aims to evoke a visceral response, inviting viewers to confront their own inner turmoil and find solace in the shared human experience."

Incorporating different tints and tones of white, she aims to give her paintings a mystic aura—a feeling of vacancy, a void that requires no other human presence, just oneself and one’s thoughts.

"The compositions reflect the inner battles we wage—the conflict between inner turmoil and outward composure, and the relentless pursuit of inner peace amidst chaos."

With cultural roots in Uttarakhand, she imbibes the traditional art technique called 'Aipan' and incorporates small motifs from this tradition to keep her culture close. The dripping paint technique in her work, pays homage to this traditional art form–allowing Rawat to infuse her paintings with a sense of authenticity and cultural depth, another layers to her visual narrative. 

"Women are an enigma, whose emotions and stories are usually left unheard through my work I intend to create a space where these unheard emotions and stories are told." - Rawat


Ria Prasad