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Peer into the beauty of Handmade Pichwai Paintings

Welcome to the world of Pichwai Indian paintings. Pichwai is a centuries-old art form rooted in the sacred town of Nathdwara, Rajasthan, traditionally showcasing divine narratives about Lord Krishna on canvas and fabric with hand-painted detailing.

Our collection at Marble Lotus highlights the diversity within Pichwai paintings. From the joyous Raas Leela, to the tranquility of nature scenes, each piece represents a facet of Indian culture and tradition. The attention to detail, thoughtful brushstrokes, and harmonious use of colors make these artworks embodiments of cultural richness, brought to life through wall decor.

Pichwai Paintings at Marble Lotus

Explore our curated collection of Pichwai paintings at Marble Lotus, where each Indian wall art is a window to Indian home decor. Our artisans use linen cloth for the creation of our Pichwai artwork, sourced from Udaipur to represent the origin of this art form. If you are looking for a way to elevate your home through Indian wall art, our customizable Pichwai paintings at Marble Lotus will make a perfect focal piece. The Marble Lotus team hopes these pieces can bring you serenity and spirituality, seamlessly blended in a symphony of strokes by local and generational artisans.