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Soni, Marble Lotus founder and CEO, wanted a collection of romantic, old-world charming, and calming landscapes of the unseen and undisturbed parts of South Asia. She wanted a way for the Marble Lotus community to find themselves through the art they put in their homes. The Scenes of South Asia collection features 20 beautiful natural landscapes in neutral watercolor mediums giclée printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper and option mounting and framing in black or oak wood.

Behind the scenes

What is Giclée?

Giclée is a term used in the world of fine art and printing to describe a high-quality, fine art reproduction technique. It involves using inkjet printing technology to produce high-resolution, archival-quality prints of original artworks, photographs, or digital designs. Giclée prints are known for their exceptional color accuracy, detail, and longevity.

What is Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper?

Hahnemühle German Etching Paper is a popular and high-quality fine art paper with a textured surface that is often used by artists and photographers for printing fine art reproductions, photographic prints, and other artistic works. It is produced by Hahnemühle, a well-known German paper manufacturer with a long history dating back to 1584.

Who is the Artist?

Marble Lotus has a team of talented artists that we commission to bring imaginative ideas to life through their art. From graphic design, to product design, to art work, we selectively select the best creatives to work with us. Interested in working with us? Send us a message at