Lotus Dish


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The lovely Lotus Dish is a medium sized catch all dish that is the perfect addition to a classy home. The pure white marble adds a touch of elegance to any space and is sure to complement any decor. 

The hard and durable surface of marble combined with the elegant and soft shape of a lotus flower make the Lotus Dish a happy juxtaposition between beauty and hard work. This Dish is for the people that believe "doing it all" is possible!

The beautiful curves and folds of the petals are expertly carved by hand by skilled Artisans in Agra, giving each dish a unique and artistic touch. 


Width: 6 inches, Height: 2 inches 


Store your keys on your entryway table, your every day jewelry bedside, or display on its own on top of some coffee table books. Its durability and resistance to heat and moisture make it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring it lasts for years to come.