(Preorder) Lotus Diya Set

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Preorder for delivery in March 2024

Introducing our endearing Lotus Diya Set, a small but beautiful set of handmade pieces that honor age old Indian traditions but with a modern twist. 

MEANING | Our ancestors claim the ghee or oil in a diya signifies negativity in one’s mind. The wick symbolizes the Atma [soul] and lighting the wick dispels negativity from our mind and soul to make space for positive energy. No wonder lighting candles is therapeutic! 

HANDMADE | Made from Rajasthani Marble in Agra, known for its durability and quality. Since each Diya is handmade, it is unique, with variations in the natural veining of the marble and slight differences in sizing that make it a one-of-a-kind piece.

SIZING | Each Diya comes in one size. It fits a 1.5-2 inch candle (sold separately). Width: 4 inches, Height: 4 inches 

USES | Place a candle 1.5 -2 inch wide candle in our Lotus Diya and notice the calming sensation that takes over your room and body. Place multiple Diyas together for an ethereal feel. Perfect for your modern Mandir or place of worship in a new home or during festival season.