Marble Lotus is proud to offer Interior Design services to clients all over the US that are looking to incorporate heritage and culture into their home. Please complete the form below and our team will be in touch.

Our Process

Feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do to get your space looking like you imagined? Our process breaks down the interior design journey into tangible milestones that drive progress and results

Preliminary mood boards per room prepared by Marble Lotus. Discuss feedback.

Final feedback from client + incorporate feedback and order all products + set up delivery

Complete a questionnaire so we can understand your needs & build a design vision & budget

Marble Lotus curates specific items for your space and builds digital renderings to help you visualize

Oversee & coordinate installation & set up with vendors and contractors

Our Style

Organic modern interior design is a style that combines natural elements of the Earth with modern and contemporary touches. This style is all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere while incorporating sleek and minimalist natural elements. At Marble Lotus, our style philosophy combines Organic Modernism with South Asian cultural influence to create spaces for belonging and connection that honor heritage.

Elements of the Marble Lotus style

100% Natural Materials

We incorporate natural materials such as wood, stone, copper and plant dyes into our products. These materials add warmth and texture to any space.

Neutral color palettes

We tend to opt for a neutral color palette for our base pieces and larger products. Colors like caramel, stone grey, brown and white act as the base of our color scheme. This creates a calming, sophisticated and inviting atmosphere in the space.

Pops of color

South Asia is a land of color. From spices to dyes, color and diversity is at the heart of the region. Therefore, our use of color is very intentional. Through colors like Terracotta and Sage on items like pillows, rugs, and artwork we add visual interest and depth to the space.

Sleek and minimalist furniture

We opt for staging and sourcing furniture with clean lines and simple designs. This helps create a modern and streamlined look that blends well in a diaspora home.

Natural light

We love making use of natural light to create a bright and open atmosphere.

Greenery and foliage

Plants are a huge part of the Marble Lotus philosophy. They help purify the air and create a sense of calm. Placing them in a veranda and creating a jungle atmosphere helps enhance the feeling of living in harmony with the Earth.


Whether it is jute, kantha, silk or linen, Marble Lotus incorporates a range of organic textures through textiles such as rugs, pillows, and blankets.

What our clients are saying
What our clients are saying
Soni, thank you so much for your time. You not only took the time to understand the theme and vision of my home is, but you also provided advice and perspective on how to reach that end state by advising on paint colors, to furniture, and options on different styles and textures. Your vision and ideas that you provided to me will definitely be incorporated into my home and I look forward to continuing our sessions!
— Payal, Virginia
What our clients are saying
Soni helped me furnish my 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in San Francisco. She kept me in the loop throughout the entire process and helped me bring my vision of hosting people in a fun space to life with furniture that fit in my budget. She also helped me add the finishing touches, something I have trouble with, with Amazon decor that she styled in a way that completed the space and made it look very luxury.
— Kunal, San Francisco

Our Pricing

We price per hour. This way we also prioritize saving you money on the products you choose and pass down trade discounts at various furnishings companies to you.

  • Standard virtual package for a 1-2 bedroom space ends up taking between 10-15 hours from start to finish.
  • Deluxe package includes unlimited revisions and feedback, visits to the site and coordination with 3rd party vendors for installation.

We would love to get to know you and your project! Drop your information below and we will reach out with more information.

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