A home evokes powerful feelings of belonging, safety, and contentment for everyone. Our home is often a symbol of the personality we aspire to embody and our entire self: our past struggles, our finest moments, and our childhood memories.

One of the core values at Marble Lotus is to create products that help our customers feel connected to their past. Honoring South Asian tradition and heritage helps us build a sense of continuity and connection to the past. These connections serve as a reminder of our roots and the struggles and triumphs of our ancestors. This connection fosters a sense of pride and belonging, which can be especially important for members of the South Asian diaspora who have been disconnected from their cultural heritage by living abroad.

Upon leaving their homes and settling in a new country, South Asian immigrants have historically been considered “other.” They had to adapt in the outside world to fit in. But, the home was always a place where they could truly be themselves and best preserve a connection with their hometown and way of life. 

To preserve that connection, 1st generation South Asian immigrants spoke in the native tongue, cooked their native food, went through the extra effort to watch media from their native land and heavily influenced their kids to do the same for the fear of them forgetting about their culture and roots was always prevalent.

This immigrant experience had a generational impact on the children of immigrants and 2nd and 3rd generations. Living two different lives as a child was common and feeling a need to push away their culture in an attempt to “fit in” in the real world was common.

However, there is a resurgence in claiming one's' culture back in today’s age as more and more people are embracing diversity and their heritage. Social media, popularization of South Asian culture in mainstream culture with budding artists, actors, directors, entrepreneurs of South Asian descent has shed light on the shared experience of the South Asian diaspora.

This all comes from the motivation to better understand and accept who we are. Understanding oneself and being in harmony with oneself provides contentment and satisfaction. It allows us to craft our narrative tenderly as we move through life, and to share our deepest values with others.

Marble Lotus helps members of the South Asian diaspora better understand and connect with their identity and express it in a sophisticated and modern way in their home. 

We do this by putting storytelling at the forefront of our brand

  1. Every collection has a theme that enables connection with heritage and tradition. Through extensive research and journalistic fact checking, we ideate new collection ideas and always have them connect to something greater. 
  2. Every product comes with a postcard and product packaging that communicates the heritage and tradition of the most recent collection 
  3. We feature stories of how other members of the South Asian diaspora maintain their connection to their heritage on our Lotus Life blog and social media to foster community within like minded individuals looking to furnish their homes

Looking to share your own story on how you decorated your home in a way that helped you connect with your heritage? Reach out to us here for a chance to be featured on the Lotus Life!

Saundrya Mehra