Meet Sindhuri: a Bay Area-based data scientist turned interior designer, and the creative behind @mangoabode, who documents her DIY home decorating journey and shares inspiration, tips, and tricks for bringing a modern South Asian aesthetic to any space.

Much like Marble Lotus, the Mango Abode represents the fusion of cultures, where the traditional richness of Indian design and culture seamlessly merges with contemporary Western elements.

Join Marble Lotus for a home tour and interview with Sindhuri from the Mango Abode, taking a closer look at her DIY projects, her decorating process, and her style

How would you describe your home’s look in a few words?

Modern Indian Aesthetic.

What first inspired you to incorporate South Asian elements into your home?

I heard this quote by Ijeoma Umebinyuo, which resonated deeply with me: "So, here you are too foreign for home, too foreign for here. Never enough for both."
As someone who was born in India, my home decor journey has been all about reconciling my heritage with the allure of a new country. Both India and the US are integral to my identity, so I wanted my home to reflect that.

How do you curate your decor, furniture, and artwork?

When it comes to furniture and decorative objects, I enjoy curating timeless pieces crafted from materials like marble, vintage wood, and brass artifacts.

I've always had a fondness for Indian handicrafts and artisans, although I'm not particularly drawn to the brighter, sometimes gaudy color schemes associated with some of them.

Instead, I prefer artworks that are neutral, and inspired by nature. When I can't find pieces that fit this aesthetic, I tend to take matters into my own hands and paint them myself. 

Our team is absolutely in love with your DIY videos. Which projects are your personal favorites?

There are numerous projects within my home that I truly adore. From my very first DIY project (which was crafting a wooden world map using MDF in the perfect size for my space), to the Sharpie-stenciled lotus wall in my pooja mandir and the Indian temple-themed bedroom, each holds a special place in my heart. I dedicated so much time and thought to crafting these spaces, and every time I walk by them, I can't help but smile from ear to ear.

My latest fixation is undeniably the Pichwai cows that seamlessly complement my neutral-themed home.

Which item from Marble Lotus could you see in your home?

Gosh, this is a tough question. As soon as I hear the name “Marble Lotus”, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Lotus Urli. It was love at first sight!
The Lotus Urli is such a timeless decor piece that offers endless styling possibilities. I love that it's not just for festive occasions— it has so many functions and can be enjoyed year-round. Truthfully the entire original Namesake Collection always holds a special place in my heart.


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