At our core, Marble Lotus is all about introducing the timeless beauty of South Asian heritage to modern home decor, and no home better exemplifies the meeting of Desi and Western aesthetics and our mission to bring these together than that of our founder, Soni Mehra.

Join us as she gives an exclusive inside look at her bright and airy open-plan apartment in the San Francisco area, and reveals how she incorporates South Asian elements and styles Marble Lotus decor at every turn.


A neutral, open, and airy living room with large windows, a vibrant mural accent wall, and a terracotta lime washed pillar

Elevated Neutral Textures and Tones

Stepping into Soni's abode, the living and dining area immediately reflects her passion for fusing cultural influences with contemporary design.

The plush, cream-colored sofa and grounded accent chair are adorned with throw pillows featuring intricate South Asian patterns, golden accents, and cozy knit blankets, providing a seamless blend of comfort and heritage. Her seating layout also creates an inviting feeling, emphasizing the importance of family and connection in her personal values and philosophy.

A window filled living room with a neutral corner sofa featuring intricately floral patterned accent pillows and a throw blanket

In taking a further look at the details, you'll discover every element down to the coffee table selection is intentionally curated to reflect her American upbringing and family's Indian roots, and we adore how she styles our inlay jewelry boxes throughout her living room.

A sunlight-drenched surface with minimalist coffee table book and staggered marble inlay jewelry boxes

"I have a lot of Marble Lotus decor, and really nice coffee table books that bring together all the accent pieces in my home," Soni says. "I have a Royal Palaces of India coffee table book I love to look to as inspiration, along with one called Simplicity at Home."

Soni is truly an expert at pairing colors and textures, as seen in the way our Namesake Collection elevates her space through the luxurious marble aesthetic, and works alongside elements of wood, stoneware, and smooth candles.

A neutral marble-themed decor setup of a jewelry box, lotus-shaped marble tray, stoneware vase, candles, and dried florals

 Adding Warmth and Heritage Through Color

"One of the first things I did to incorporate more South Asian design in my home was to incorporate a lot of color into the home," Soni says. "I'm tired of seeing beige homes, and believe that even more vibrant warm tones can still feel very comforting and soothing."

A light and window-filled living room with a neutral sofa, houseplant, and limewashed terracotta wall

This love for warmth can be seen through her limewashed walls in terracotta, clay, and spiced tones as seen in her living room and Marble Lotus home studio, bringing a natural element to the forefront of her space. 

"Recently, I did a limewash on a couple of walls to bring softer color and texture to my living room area," Soni explains. "I love the natural, rustic, antique feeling it brings to the space, and the juxtaposition of that look with the modern layout of my apartment."

A set of wooden minimalist planters beside a terracotta limewashed wall, above a neutral cozy sofa

She complements the organic elements of this paint style with a stunning set of wooden hanging planters for flower and plant stems, bringing the earthy look to the next level.

And of course, no tour of Soni's home would be complete without visiting her stunning (and viral) accent wall, featuring our Gardens of Jaipur wallpaper as the backdrop for her piano and guitar. The bold, intricate, and detailed design of this vibrant wallpaper immediately draws the eye in, while also feeling perfectly in place within her home's aesthetic.


A vibrant Indian mural behind a piano, guitar, and alongside a sunny skyline view

Hosting Essentials by Marble Lotus

Throughout generations, inviting your loved ones to sit down for a cup of chai is a staple in every Desi household. It comes as no surprise that Soni elevates this tradition through a beautiful chai serving setup, showcasing our Wooden Inlay Tray alongside the Matte Gold Tea Kettle, Mother-of-Pearl Inlay Coasters, and Chai Strainer.

A wooden coffee table, chess sest, and intricate marble and wooden circular tray with a brass kettle, marble coasters, and biscuits

The wooden, brass, and marble elements in each of these pieces from our Kitchen Collection are beautifully drawn out by the wooden coffee table and chess set they are styled with, and give a grounded and traditional feeling to the setup.

Murals, Soothing Tones, and Textiles

Finally, we visit the bedroom, where Soni has handpainted a lotus mural as an homage to the brand she has founded. It's a vibrant yet calming space, featuring soft and light blue and green tones, snuggly linen textures in her bedding selection, and the softness of the lotuses bringing a sense of tranquility.

A light blue bedroom with a minimalistic lotus mural above the wooden headboard and bed with green linen sheets

Our CEO's residence truly stands as a shining example of the successful merging of South Asian heritage with Western aesthetics. Her space in San Francisco is not just a home; it's a living embodiment of Marble Lotus's mission to bring cultures together through the art of interior design. Soni's tasteful incorporation of South Asian elements at every turn showcases the timeless beauty that can be achieved when tradition meets innovation, and when diverse cultural influences unite in a single, harmonious space.

Nishaa Sharma