Are you proud of your home's South Asian-inspired decor? Do you love the vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and rich textures that are characteristic of South Asian design? If so, we would love to feature your home on our blog!

At Lotus Life, we celebrate the beauty and diversity of South Asian culture, and we know that many of our readers share this appreciation. That's why we want to showcase homes that reflect the beauty of South Asian design.

Whether you have a single room that is decorated with South Asian accents, or your entire home is filled with traditional and contemporary South Asian-inspired pieces, we want to see it!

From colorful textiles and intricate tapestries to ornate furniture and one-of-a-kind art pieces, we are interested in all aspects of South Asian decor.

If you would like to have your home featured on our blog, simply send us some photos and a brief description of your design inspiration and process. We will follow up with a quick call to hear about the pieces you have collected, the artists and designers who have influenced you, and the ways in which South Asian culture has impacted your own personal style.

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By sharing your home with our readers, you will be helping to inspire and educate others who share your passion for South Asian design. You will also have the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate the beauty and richness of this cultural heritage.

So, what are you waiting for? Submit your home to our blog today, and let's celebrate the beauty of South Asian-inspired decor together!

Saundrya Mehra