My name is Soni and I am the founder of Marble Lotus, a South Asian American inspired home decor brand. Marble Lotus was established in 2022 out of a need to furnish my own home with timeless pieces that spoke to my heritage without sacrificing on quality or design. 

I wanted my home to be a reflection of who I am, but the CB2, Amazon, and West Elms of the world made me feel like everyone else. I knew there was more to my story and so I dove deeper into my history to figure out who I really was. Here is what I discovered:


My great grandparents were one of the 14-18 million people that fled their homes during the Partition of India in 1947, one of the largest unprecedented migrations between two nations. The few pieces they could carry with them to their new home were their most meaningful, and all the pieces they left behind were forgotten. They had to rebuild a home from scratch with nothing but a hope for survival.

My parents experienced something similar when they left India for the United States with only a few dollars and a hope for better opportunity in the land of milk and honey. Rebuilding became a muscle that was passed down through generations but the many stories of what life was like was forgotten as my parents' focus remained on the future.

I had to piece together so much of my heritage through in depth conversations and questioning sessions with my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and time spent in history books trying to figure out where truth lay. 

Survival and hope

What I found was a deep history rooted in survival and hope. Whether it was through the populous winding roads of Delhi or the expansive great lands of the melting pot which was the United States, my family always found a way to make it work not because they wanted to but because they had to.

They had to believe that things would get better and their efforts would be worth it in the end. And after a long day of hard work and survival, the home was our safe haven. The place to dream, hope, aspire, and love. This is why the home is so important to me. 


At Marble Lotus, we celebrate South Asian heritage, culture, and way of life and bring it to the homes of the diaspora.

Every piece is considered a work of art, made by generational artisans all over South Asia that have preserved their ancient craft for years.

At Marble Lotus, we strive to have a meticulously curated catalog of classic yet modern products which are designed to add a touch of sophistication and charm to any room. We design products to make sure they fit our diaspora homes. Whether it's coasters to fit our oddly large mugs or duvet covers to fit our Cal King beds, we always try to take a unique and modern take at something that has been passed through generations. Check out our style philosophy here.

My sincerest hope is that you not only find beautiful pieces for your home, but more importantly, artifacts for connection to a past much greater than us all.

- Soni Mehra, Founder & CEO  


Saundrya Mehra


I love your story and the rationale behind your business. Thank you for filling this important gap.

— Alka Subramanian