In the world of interior design, where modern trends often take center stage, there's a rising movement that beautifully amalgamates contemporary aesthetics with traditional charm. Indian interior designer Nupur Madhav has been honing into this trend for 17 years, crafting remarkable projects that seamlessly blend modern design with intricate Indian decorative elements. Founder and principle interior designer at SHANKH, Nupur has a keen eye for design detail that runs in her blood. Her mother is an artist and brother is an architect. It is no surprise that creativity comes naturally to Nupur. 

A journey through Nupur's projects

India's rich cultural heritage is a tapestry woven with centuries-old traditions, vibrant colors, and intricate patterns. Nupur draws inspiration from this treasure trove, infusing each project with elements that tell stories of a bygone era. This white Jharoka (door) filled wall is a statement in her client's home. 

Harmonizing Modernity and Tradition

One of Nupur's notable talents lies in seamlessly fusing contemporary design principles with traditional elements. The result is spaces that feel both familiar and refreshing. This photo is of her dining area which has a custom chandelier made of 18 copper matkas that glow in contrast with a minimalist dining area.

The Beauty of Handcrafted Furniture

While modern furniture often takes center stage, Nupur champions the reuse of handcrafted and vintage pieces. Traditional Indian distressed doors are the center point of this dining area. With stunning sconces showcased through the openings, these doors that becomes the focal point of a room and carry a sense of heritage and craftsmanship.

Reinventing Urban Living

Urban living comes with its own set of challenges, often leading to cookie-cutter apartment designs that lack personality. SHANKH focuses on transforming these spaces into sanctuaries of style, incorporating traditional Indian elements that remind residents of their roots. From jaali-inspired room dividers to vibrant rangoli-patterned rugs, even the most compact apartments can become a homage to Indian design.

SHANKH stands at the forefront of a design revolution that values heritage as much as modernity. Her projects serve as a testament to the fact that the past and the present can coexist harmoniously, creating spaces that are both visually captivating and emotionally resonant. By weaving the threads of tradition into the fabric of modern interiors, Nupur creates inspiration for us all! 

Saundrya Mehra
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