Get ready to meet the new Marble Lotus. 

Teaser for 2024

Over our first year, we've expanded our product offerings, recruited a passionate team from across the globe, and built the #LotusLife community. So to reflect how far we have come and prepare for the future growth of Marble Lotus, we have been working to rebrand and create an elevated look and feel. This upcoming year is going to be an exciting one. And we would love to show you instead of talking about it. Check out our teaser for 2024 and our new brand ethos:
With our deep-rooted commitment to South Asian-inspired design, ethically sourcing materials and empowering artisans, Marble Lotus has always been focused on honoring heritage and tradition, through cultural fusion in the home and interiors world.

About Our Logo

Much like our name, the Marble Lotus logo was designed to represent duality. Soni, our CEO, chose the brand’s name as it encapsulated her personal journey perfectly: marble, a sophisticated stone of royalty and symbol of strength, juxtaposed with the lotus, a symbol of growth and an echo of her personal transformation. The lotus is a symbol of divinity that bridges cultures in South Asia, and beyond, and our mission is to do the same. Our logo is a representation of resilience and strength, artisanal craftsmanship, and the softness and comfort that makes a space truly feel like home.

A New Tagline

At the heart of Marble Lotus's rebranding is our new tagline: "Find Yourself at Home." This new take on the classic phrase, "make yourself at home", reflects the way our collections bring a contemporary feel to South Asian traditions, and encapsulates the essence of Marble Lotus's mission—to create spaces that not only reflect modern design, but also evoke a sense of belonging and comfort for every individual. You are most ‘at home’ when you are your true, authentic self, aligned with your identity and place in the world. Inspired by conversations over cups of chai, stories told by grandparents, recipes passed down through generations, and the importance of family connections in our founder Soni’s own life, we hope our new tagline invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and luxury, where every corner of your home reflects your heritage, unique essence, and style.

A Nature-Inspired Color Palette

Our new color palette was carefully curated to represent Marble Lotus’s respect for — and connection with — nature, and the world around us. The shades Seashell, Igneous, Green Earth, Cobblestone, and Terracotta—reflect our continued commitment to sourcing natural and sustainable materials. Each hue exudes warmth, depth, and timeless elegance, inviting our community to immerse themselves in a world of beauty and craftsmanship through their interiors. 

What to Expect

With our rebrand, Marble Lotus is not only unveiling a new visual identity, but also new ways to empower our community to find themselves at home. From exquisitely crafted furniture pieces to captivating artwork and personalized interior design services, Marble Lotus is poised to redefine the concept of luxury living. Our design ethos is that the past informs the present, and tradition becomes a timeless source of inspiration for contemporary living.

A Vision for the Future

As Marble Lotus embarks on this exciting new chapter with a redefined identity and expanded offerings, we remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and cultural authenticity. Marble Lotus's rebranding is more than just a makeover—it's a testament to the enduring legacy of heritage in modern home spaces. Through curated collections and thoughtful designs, Marble Lotus embraces the cultures and histories of South Asia, fostering a deeper appreciation for tradition and roots. With our new tagline, refined aesthetic, and commitment to honoring heritage, Marble Lotus invites you to rediscover the art of living—a journey where luxury meets authenticity, and every space tells a story of beauty and belonging.

Nishaa Sharma


Obsessed with the thought process behind “Find yourself at home” and what you wrote about how you’re most yourself at home. Looking forward to the rebrand!

— Sonali Verma