Welcome to Maryland, where Mitesh Trambadia, interior stylist and founder of Desi Meets Design, has turned his family home into a unique blend of midcentury modern interior design, personal creativity, and the vibrant aesthetics and traditions of South Asian arts, architecture, and culture.

Join Marble Lotus as we discover the influences behind Mitesh's DIY prejects and decor decisions, and hear his advice for curating a unique living space. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast seeking inspiration or someone intrigued by the fusion of cultural elements in home decor, Mitesh's home promises a world of inspiration. 

Building An Aesthetic

The overall look in Mitesh’s home is a beautiful balance of colors, textures, and design and decor styles from both the US and India.

”I generally tend to keep the furniture modern with mid-century modern style elements,” he says. “Occasionally I will incorporate a more traditional accent piece from India, such as a carved box or side table.”

By creating a versatile canvas through a selection of neutral furniture and more subtle wall paint in his home’s larger rooms, Mitesh allows his more colorful, heritage-inspired pieces to take center stage. 

Initially inspired by a desire to incorporate some of the embroidered pieces created by his great-grandmother in his space, one of the most unique aspects of his home's style is his creative use of textiles.

“Artwork and accessories are where I really let the South Asian influence shine,” he says. “I like to bring in traditional textiles in cushions and throws, and have also collected folk and contemporary artwork over the years from India.” 

DIY Decor Elements

I have always been drawn to Indian art as it has allowed me to feel connected to my heritage," Mitesh says.
Alongside the pieces passed down through generations of his family, his love for Indian interiors and the inspiration for his DIY projects started with a very specific location.
"Rajasthan has always been a magical place, from the palaces with jarokhas (scalloped window arches) to the local crafts," he explains. "I knew bringing those elements into my home would instantly bring this sense of grandeur.”
Though Mitesh's DIY bench swing pictured above is one best-known projects, some of his personal favorite DIYs are more artwork-based. 
“I love creating artwork rooted in tradition, but still feeling fresh," he says. "For example, traditional motifs from Benarasi Sarees drawn on, handmade, and framed to create a gallery. Or creating my own version of Lippan art  using clay and mirrors.”

Heritage and Heirlooms

Here at Marble Lotus, one of our favorite  standout aspects of Mitesh's interior style are his curated meaningful corners within his home, displaying vintage and inherited pieces alongside his DIY decor and furniture.
“My favorite pieces have to be the embroideries that were done by my great grandmother, and the and traditional brass vessels collected from my grandmother," he says. "The artwork I have created is also very special to me. It takes me back to the points of inspiration I have seen in my travels or in images, and why I wanted to create my take on it.”
Whether you are inspired by your family roots or visits to the regions of South Asia, Mitesh has some advice for those looking to create a Heritage Home of their own.
"Of course, collectables with special meanings make great conversation pieces to build around, but to start incorporating heritage in your home, I would start with small things,” Mitesh says. "Cushions, bedding, throws, and art are easy ways to bring in elements of your culture, using patterns and colors rooted in tradition.”


A Textile-Inspired Makeover


Finally, we visit Mitesh’s most recent project: a powder room makeover, featuring our very own  Ajrak wallpaper.

“Since it is a smaller space I wanted it to be remembered when you walked out of it,” Mitesh explains.

“And of course staying true to my style, I wanted it to incorporate some element of South Asia. It wasn’t until I saw the wallpaper collection from Marble Lotus that it all came together.”

“I loved the wallpaper which resembled ajrakh, a kind of textile block printing,” he adds. “The patterns almost resemble fabric on the walls.”

To build ambiance and create a memorable, moody setting, Mitesh complemented the wallpaper pattern with a matching navy ceiling, and vintage brass accents. 

“It turned out great, and achieved the look I was hoping for.”

Nishaa Sharma